Securing Jobs and Growth

I’ve been Working for Wannon to deliver more jobs for our community.

My priority for Wannon is employment and the delivery of stronger jobs growth, this will unleash our economic potential by building a bigger, more productive local economy. We need our local agriculture, manufacturing and small businesses to prosper so they can create the jobs and employment that will allow our communities to prosper.

This plan will help more people relocate outside our cities and will encourage younger people to stay in rural and regional areas. It will also encourage unemployed young people to get back into the workforce – particularly in our rural areas where unskilled jobs are readily available.

We also need to cut the cost of red and green tape because this will help our local businesses to grow which will boost productivity and jobs growth (employment).

The Coalition will:

  • Create more job opportunities (employment) by growing our agriculture, manufacturing and small businesses
  • Deliver one million new jobs over the next five years
  • Boost productivity by reducing red and green tape burdens on local businesses